Welcome to HER world 

A new bridal season of elegance and sophistication

HER is an ode to femininity, a New Collection for the bride that inspires herself, created to relate to her in the most flattering way. Every dress reflects her bright, feminine and confident side, a special piece in an unforgettable day.

Marylise delivers an evolutionary aesthetic within the brand for the brides of today, with a blend of ethereal textures, romantic lines and sophisticated styles.

HER Collection features a mixture of maximalism, with large bows and 3D flowers, and clean, minimalistic designs, every piece an expression of what our bride aims to feel on her special day: divine.
Discover fitted looks and volume skirts, pure class and an effortlessly chic vibe made with exceptional European fabrics.

HER is now online!

Discover the unique accessories used for this collection: Anthemis Design, Les Majestés Ellen Debbie Ceramics.