Our Valentine’s special on why a bra can be a bride’s best friend

The world of women’s intimate apparel goes far beyond our imagination, especially when thinking of her wedding day. On this February 14th, we celebrate love  

Meant to give you confidence and support, to improve your posture and flatter the chest area, the bra is an essential piece of garment every bride should be paying attention to. With a range of passionate necklines, fascinating backs and clever side openings on flowy dresses made of silky materials, what is under is sometimes what matters the most.  

If there’s one thing we know, lingerie can make or break the look. Pay attention to these qualities on your next purchase: 

  • Support, when talking about health and posture, the right bra should provide structure, relieve pressure on the shoulders and back, and help keeping the breast anatomy and shape.  
  • Comfort a garment that will be used for 8 plus hours on a daily, and much more on your wedding day, should be comfortable to wear while you are either standing or sitting at the table. 
  • Seamless a bra without seams will tick the comfort box first and feel like a second skin second! It should complement you and your dress, not be the center of attention in your look. 
  • Tone pay attention to the tone of your underwear, especially the bra since most of our dresses have lace and transparency at the top. With rare exceptions, you should match it to your skin colour, rather than to your dress. 


Does it thick all the boxes? Find below clear examples of what you should look for in a bra, together with some of our Acquamore Collection faves! 

An open back dress like Reena asks for a specific kind. Search for a bra with lower back adjustment, crossed at the waist and multiway straps, versatile enough for Helice Dress as well.
Fans of a deep neckline can go for nipple covers! Silicone or adhesive stickers go hand-in-hand with Maeve or Joanne Dress, and these petal-shaped ones are unnoticeable and comfortable to wear all day and night.
A strapless bra is the go-to for Mirthe Dress, which has some see-through portions at the top. Look for 3 section cups for a rounder volume and a silicone elastic at the base for adherence. Also fit for Rosalie Dress
For beauties like Artemis, your lingerie should leave the back free. Choose the most comfortable shape of sticky cups and search for the ones you can separate at the middle, in case there is cleavage involved like with our dress Kali.
Just Chilling Dress is an iconic Marylise silhouette. Choose an unnoticeable bra that can still provide shape, like a seamless sticky one. The no strings makes it extra comfortable and the push up provides you with the desired volume. Wear also with Tallis and Odelle Dress.

Have fun trying! And in the meantime, reach us at info@marylise.be or via our social media 🤍