How to preserve your wedding dress

These tips will help you to keep your dress in perfect condition!

We’d like to share some tips with you in case you’re forced to postpone your wedding on how to preserve your wedding dress so.

1. Make sure your dress is not stored in a plastic bag!
Plastic does not allow fabrics to breathe and has the potential for staining. If possible, the dress should be kept in a breathable cloth bag and not a plastic bag. Ask your wedding store for such a breathable cloth bag if necessary! Any moisture that can’t escape that plastic bag could cause an odor. Tucked away in a closet with no garment bag, at all, is better than storing it long-term in plastic.

2. Where to store the dress?
Consider the weight of your dress in order to decide where you are going to store it. Do you have a heavy dress (e.g. heavy lace, big skirt,..) or a lighter one (e.g. satin or silk)? When your dress is light, you can use a hanger to store the dress in a closet. You must use the hanger straps to keep everything in tip-top shape. The last thing you want on you wedding day is for your bodice to be stretched because you didn’t use the hanger straps. If you have a heavy gown you must take it of the hanger, place a sheet down on your bed and put your gown down on the sheet. Then you can fold it and store it somewhere flat.

3. Control the climate of the room where you keep the dress.
Your dress should be kept in the same temperature that you would find comfortable. Anywhere between room temperature and below is suggested. Keep your dress out of the sun. Direct sunlight can cause bleaching or fabric decay. It would be a shame if your dress would suddenly be yellow. Basements and attics are not the best place for storage as air may damp and musty. Ideal locations would be the top shelf of your closet or a storage area under the bed, that you rarely use for anything else. Or if you have a spare room, consider storing it there, out of direct sunlight.

When the big day is finally here!
A few days before the wedding, carefully remove your wedding dress from wherever you stored it. Hang the dress somewhere high so all wrinkles and ceases can drop out. If the dress still has a few stubborn wrinkles you can hang it in the bathroom while a hot bad is running. Be careful that the dress doesn’t get wet. If there are still wrinkles after this, you might want to consider going to a local seamstress or dry cleaner to help.

We hope these tips will help you to preserve your wedding dress and hope that you can shine on your wedding day the way you deserve!
Stay healthy and stay safe.

Your wedding day will be here soon!