Build Your New Year’s Wedding

Perfect options for an unforgettable occasion.

New Year’s is one of the best events of the year. Everyone is looking for a party and what’s better than your wedding? It’s the perfect excuse to go all out in the wedding planning! 

Our suggestions today are for the Marylise brides who love a bit of elegant glitter and glamour in their style, while still feeling like their natural selves. Make the most of your bridal look, pair it with the perfect venue and start the year right with the best party possible, one where you’re the highlight!

For our sophisticated bride 

As the bride, you should take up the most space and shine the brightest! Our Winchester dress gives a modern and comfortable twist to the classic ball gown. With its high-low cut and bandeau top, it pairs perfectly with a pearl necklace and sophisticated shoes. Feel the party spirit and up the glam in your venue with some sparkly decorations. We can already picture you waltzing on that open dance floor, all night long!

For our minimalist bride

Minimalist but filled with elegant glam, that’s how we’d describe this timeless event!
The Etoile Filante dress has sleek lines from head to toe with a sexy yet romantic mermaid shape. Golden accessories are the perfect addition to this sophisticated dress, giving you an extra sparkle during your special day. Matching seamlessly with the clean aesthetic of the venue, this is the perfect look for a tasteful wedding and a fun night of endless celebration!

For our elegant bride

There’s nothing like a warm and cozy ambience to hold your day full of love and charm.
The best part? You’ll have the party of your dreams with the best decorations!
The Amor Amor dress is perfect for a sparkly, candle lit venue and has plenty of style for your New Year’s wedding. The lace details on the top and on the skirt make it a sexy and romantic look and the chiffon skirt, besides making the walk down the aisle a magical moment, is just perfect to dance all night in!

Whether you want a minimal wedding or one full of sparkles and glitter, we’re sure your New Year’s wedding will be unforgettable, with that timeless and elegant glam that Marylise brides look for!

Find your dream dress now from our sophisticated HER Collection, and if you’re looking for something that will make you outstanding during New Years, discover our Short Dresses!