An exciting path to 2025

Meet our new designer Riccardo Serravalle

Anticipation builds as we get ready to launch a sensational new collection. 2025 will continue the evolutionary aesthetic present in Marylise, marked by delivering our brides flattering looks that meet their deepest desires and bring their bridal vision to life.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and timeless elegance, it’s a pleasure to introduce Riccardo Serravalle as a new Marylise designer, joining us alongside brand designer Ruth Donné!

Get to know Riccardo, his thoughts on the 2025 Collection and his message to all Marylise brides!

What makes you stand out as a designer?

I’m Italian but I was born in Germany. I think those two parts in me are very interesting because there is the richness and glamour style of Italy and the clean lines from Germany. It’s a really good combination and it’s what we’re trying to do now for Marylise. So we have a kind of new romantic and feminine style coming.

What personal touch are you bringing to Marylise?

My background is in bespoke tailoring so I’m very keen on everything being fitted to the body. I love to work and to play with the pattern. I think that’s very important in the bridal world, to really give attention to the pattern and the different details.

Your approach to designing for the new Marylise Collection?

For this collection, my approach was to redefine a new version of our Marylise Bride by capturing the essence of her effortless elegance and aiming for timeless beauty while embracing femininity at a new level. Drawing inspiration from the latest trends and materials, I enjoy working directly on a mannequin to drape and sculpt the silhouette, creating something new and unique.

Did you have someone in mind when designing?

Not really. There is a specific woman but she doesn’t have defining physical features. She is just a woman who is confident with herself. That is one of the key points, to just be confident because it is our job to make you happy!

Is there anything else you attribute to her?

She can be anything. She can be a “normal”, next-door woman or a powerful businesswoman. I think what’s common is that she’s been waiting for this day! She just loves. She may even be shy but I’m sure that she could fit in that dress. With a Marylise dress, she can live her inner femininity, which she might not show at other times. Marylise has emotion and she is showing that emotion. She is very connected to family and friends and she wants to show that passion and feel the love of those around her.

What’s your inspiration when you are designing?

I always design with music. It helps me disconnect from the surroundings so then I’m just me. That’s the emotion behind the design because I’m very much connected with what I listen to and then how it is designed. I hear a lot of classical music, opera. I always imagine not only churches but also really big and quite classic buildings. That’s the timeless elegance that then is seen in the dresses. It’s contemporary and modern but inspired by the past. I’m always more interested in history because it is part of the memories and emotions.

What distinguishes Marylise in this Collection?

The timeless designs, the detailing and the way we see the body.
The most significant change in this year’s collection is that we have introduced a new tailored silhouette while incorporating classical elements. This marks a new approach for us, and we are eagerly anticipating the feedback and reviews from our customers and brides!

What can brides expect from the 2025 collection?

A fresh take on bridal elegance! We’ve transformed classic styles with new design elements and customised silhouettes. Our emphasis on achieving the ideal fit, along with modern details like chiffon inserts and unique lace, distinguishes this collection. Embracing the evolving preferences of today’s brides, we’ve crafted a line that radiates confidence and sophistication.

What is your message to Marylise brides?

Don’t be shy, just be sexy and feminine. It’s your wedding day and you only get married once. Get what you really want and don’t be scared. My designs are made for the woman to feel confident in herself!

Stay tuned to discover the stunning 2025 Marylise Collection.

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