Meet the team!

Marylise is a Belgian family business celebrating 90 years in bridal fashion. Designed in Belgium, all gowns are made in Portugal, where the company uses the perfect mix of innovative technology and artisanal craft to produce affordable, luxurious bridal gowns and accessories. Today, the Marylise brand is run by a team of young, passionate people! Here are Chiara, Victoria & Ruth’s tips & tricks.

Ruth: The 2017 collection embraces our signature classic, yet modern spirit. We noticed our brides choosing to show off their beautiful backs, keeping it elegant at all times. We love how this collection incorporates the design elements that reflect our brides’ personalities. The Marylise girl’s style is a natural extension of who she is and how she lives her life… We want all of our gowns to make her bridal style an easy choice.

Chiara: Comfort is a priority for our brides, as it should be! We want her to feel beautiful from the inside-out.

Ruth: This season we’re loving crepe skirts with a variety of sleeve lengths, from cap sleeves to ¾ sleeves. We incorporated fewer strapless gowns in the mix this year, but the ones we did design have structured bodices with draping to ensure the bride is still comfortable.

Victoria: Fabric is essential to the bride’s comfort too. Our silks and laces are lightweight and breathable. This year we’ve mainly opted for beautiful chiffon and crepe.

Chiara: Our gowns aren’t just for photographing either. We want every Marylise bride to imagine themselves dancing, laughing, moving, toasting, hugging, and kissing in their gown. In order to live, she has to feel alive!

Victoria: Comfortable, chic shoes are important too to dance the night away! We love seeing strappy heels in gold tones!

Chiara: We also love jewellery that reflects the bride’s personal style … It could be something old or something new! We styled the 2017 campaign by mixing and matching necklaces and bracelets from Yzbel. All unique statement pieces to finish your ultimate wedding look!

Victoria: The hair should be natural. Whether it’s waves or braids or a nonchalant bun, the bride should look (and feel) like herself! Effortlessly beautiful.

Chiara: The same rule applies for makeup! Low key and natural with colour on her cheeks and a little touch of glamour on the lips… A subtle touch of sexiness in your make up is key to seduce your brand-new husband!

Ruth: The most important styling for a bride is her smile… The ultimate symbol of love and happiness!