Bridgerton Wedding Season with Marylise

A contemporary vision for the Bridgerton ladies!

Bridgerton, Netflix’s famous series that has enchanted millions of viewers worldwide, is known for its blend of romance, drama, and intrigue. Set in a fantasy Regency Era, this series made a fashion statement all over the internet with its colourful gowns in iconic cuts, empire silhouettes, and puffed sleeves.

Much like in Bridgerton, Marylise gowns have an ethereal, feminine and elegant design. Sharing the same romantic essence as the series, we aim to inspire and help future brides find their one true dress. Following contemporary trends with a traditional touch, Marylise has the perfect wedding gowns for the modern version of a Bridgerton bride!

Starting with this season’s star, Penelope Featherington is a butterfly emerging. Leaving her colourful and innocent looks behind, her dresses take a mature, elegant, and charming turn. On her special day, we believe she would opt for a seductive – but not too revealing – wedding gown, giving her that desired confidence boost. Mixing class and attractiveness, our San Diego dress was made for the fearless woman, just like our Lady Whistledown! With a sensual plunge neckline, stunning off-the-shoulder sleeves, and a long chapel train, this mermaid-style dress would fit Penelope like a glove!

Effortlessly classy and elegant, Daphne Bridgerton is always seen in light colours and incredible manners. Planning every detail to perfection, she has always dreamt about the perfect wedding. We can picture her Pinterest boards with dreamy venues, stunning gowns, and many photos for her to recreate on Instagram! Daphne’s special day needs to have a mix of sophistication, simplicity, and modernity, qualities perfectly embodied by our Jackson dress.

With unique bishop sleeves made of see-through lace, this dress was made to impress, just like the diamond of the season! Jackson’s details are outstanding; with a slight fishtail style, a plunging neckline, and a keyhole open back. This gown breathes contemporary, elegant, and fashionable style for the present-day diamonds!

Last but not least, the intellectual and bold Eloise Bridgerton. Never scared to speak up or stand for what she believes in, Eloise would prioritise comfort and practicality on her special day. Keeping it small and simple, her wedding would be exclusive to family and friends, since her social battery expires quickly. Comfortable, effortless, and stylish, our Capricornio two-piece set is perfect for such an event! Made of soft and lightweight crepe, this look features a small, cute, stylish top and straight trousers. For the modern, unconventional, and elegant brides, this killer outfit is just what you need on your special day!

No matter which Bridgerton lady you see yourself as the dress you pick for your special day must feel and look right! Dive into pure class, elegance, and sophistication with HER Collection, featuring a mixture of maximalism and clean minimalistic designs. Experience cosmopolitan vibes with our Short Dresses Collection, with unique styles in textured and structured fabrics!