Made with love in Portugal

Refined Wedding Dresses

Did you know we are producing all our dresses in our very own atelier in Portugal? The Portuguese atelier is the soul of Marylise. Because we have has the expertise in our own hands, we are able to respond quickly to demands of brides through the stores and that is paying off.

The collection is really strong and brides from all over the world clearly appreciate that. The difference is within the details. We distinguish ourselves with the refined finish of the dresses: the beautiful lace that we work with, matching golden buttons…

Our delivery time has significantly improved as well. Materials, fabrics and accessories are delivered faster than before which means we are more flexible and can work faster to better serve the needs of our customers. Prompt delivery is essential in our business.

Marylise’s greatest asset is creativity. Everything starts with the creations of the designers. It is up to us [Portugal] to translate the details that the creative team have invented into the dresses. That seems simple but it is not. You must take into account the limitations of the equipment and materials. It is rare that something really does not work.

The biggest difference between the Belgian and Portuguese team? The food. In Portugal we eat a warm meal twice a day. Here in Belgium you quickly eat a salad or sandwich for lunch. But apart from that we are a strong, well-oiled machine!