The designer’s interview: Manon Pascual

Marylise flirting with the classics

Meet Manon! She’s one of our designers who spoils our Marylise brides with easy chic creations that are romantic and at the same time exude sophistication. Manon confesses us that transparency is the key word in 2019.

What does Marylise stand for?

The creations are more modern and fresher than ever: sober and pure dresses with sophisticated lines and fit. Girls with a larger size can also find their dress within our collection. The shapes and materials are classic. The details make the creations very contemporary.

What materials did you work with?

We used a lot of light, transparent materials. Less crêpes for example but a lot of tulle in nude or ivory and other smooth fabrics. You also see a lot of floral motifs popping up. And do not forget: precious French lace!

What is your favorite of the collection?

Without doubt: Grace, the baby doll dress in Marilyn style. The dress is very surprising: short in front and long in the back. Because of the delicate French lace finishing and the daring back cut, this creation looks very seductive and yet very chic. This is very surprising in bridal fashion.

Where do you get the inspiration from?

Everything can really inspire me. Like most designers, I have my own universe, my interpretation of the spirit of the times.